Our Story

Coolhaus is the leading women-founded and -led ice cream and frozen dessert brand creating premium cookie sandwiches and pints. Each dairy and dairy-free treat is thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and creamiest texture. Coolhaus is best known for their uniquely innovative flavors and their modern twists on the classics!

Natasha and Freya founded Coolhaus in 2009 because they did not feel represented by any of the dessert brands on shelves… not as Millennials, not as women, and definitely not as gay women. They decided to leave their jobs in architecture and non-profit real estate development, and create the brand––from product to culture––that they wanted to buy. They are proud to have turned that vision into a national company with distribution in grocery stores across the country, scoop shops in Los Angeles and Dallas and an ice cream truck fleet in LA, Dallas and New York City that is true to their authentic message: represent positive change, push the envelope for the future, and create high-quality dairy-free and dairy ice cream desserts like the ‘Queens Coffee,’ in partnership with women-led coffee producers, they specially created for Whole Foods Market! They hope Coolhaus inspires the next generation of female founders, entrepreneurs, and creators to live out their dreams.


Our Mission

As a women-founded and -led company, Coolhaus was built on the belief that leading by example helps inspire other women and younger generations to rethink the industries in which they want to succeed. Whether it be through speaking engagements, fundraisers, or strategic partnerships with similarly aligned companies, we want to empower women, make confident leaders out of girls, and encourage community-building.

Cool Haus Mission
Cool Haus Mission