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Pizookie Recipe from Coolhaus

Pizookie Recipe

We’ve all been there. You’ve invited the whole squad over to watch the big game or the pre-event red carpet, the latest episode of This is Us…

Buttered French Toast

Buttered French Toast

  Ingredients: 4 Eggs 1 pint Buttered French Toast ice cream, melted 8 oz Bread/Croissants/Waffles (or any other bread-like thing you enjoy) 1 jar Dulce de Leche…

This Cake is Bananas

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! If you’re anything like us, holidays are centered around dessert and family (maybe not in that order?). We have…

Tell Em ‘Boy Pie

Tell ‘em “Boy, Pie” We decided to make Banana Cream pie (even) COOLer. Whip this beauty up in 15 minutes or less to celebrate any occasion in…

Coolhaus Ice Cream is made with the super premium low overrun seal
Bad and Boozy Milkshake by Coolhaus

Bad and Boozy Milkshake Recipe

We’re keeping cool(haus) this summer with boozy milkshakes because why not? This beauty is basically a milkshake mint julep and we are OBSESSED. Make it yourself with…

Coolhaus at LACMA

National Ice Cream Month Promo!

It’s National Ice Cream Month and we are ballin’ out. Snap a picture of your Coolhaus pints, sammies, or bars in front of your city’s best architectural…

Learn the names behind the Coolhaus ice cream pints

The Names Behind The Pints

Last month we discussed the names behind the pre-packaged ice cream sammies, but today we’re talking pints! Similar to the sammies, the pints are all architect-inspired. Let’s…

Beer and Ice Cream Party with Coolhaus

The Names Behind the Sammies

Ever wonder who the quirky names are behind our pre-packaged ice cream sammie line? When creating Coolhaus, our founder and CEO, Natasha Case wanted to make architecture…

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