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Coolhaus is Super Premium & Has the Seal to Prove It

We’ve been using the same formulas to make our artisanal ice cream since day one. As we’ve grown, the only thing that’s changed is the scale at which our ice cream is produced. Coolhaus is all about growing without impacting the quality of our product. Our ice cream proudly sports the Super Premium Low Overrun seal, which means we churn less air into our ice cream than other popular brands. Coolhaus ice cream is made in gelato-making machines, which reduces air infusion as well. In short, less air means creamier ice cream. In order to be super premium, the ice cream needs an overrun of less than 50 percent. All Coolhaus ice cream is made with 16 percent butterfat ratio at 20 percent overrun, which makes it the most delicious, velvety ice cream on the market. Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip Ice Cream Pint

Real Ingredients

Our Dirty Mint Chip flavor came about when co-founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller were in a rush and decided not to strain fresh mint leaves. They also only had brown sugar on hand, so they used it! Alas, Dirty Mint Chip was created. We now go about creating every flavor this way: with real, fresh ingredients that we’re proud to serve our customers.

Not Treated With Bovine Growth Hormone

Our dairy is hormone-free, which means the cows aren’t given a synthesized hormone called rBST (Biovine somatotropin). Healthy cows make better ice cream, what can we say?

Locally Sourced

Our ingredients are locally produced and aren’t transported long distances to market. We believe in supporting local businesses because it means we’re serving our customers ice cream with the freshest ingredients possible. It’s that simple.

Certified Women-Owned

Our co-founders, Natasha and Freya, started baking cookies and making ice cream in 2008. They named these “cool houses” after inspiring architects and architectural movements, and they decided to turn their “farchitecture” (food + architecture) passion into a business. Natasha and Freya purchased an old postal van on Craigslist and served ice cream sandwiches at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in April 2009. Their debut was incredibly successful, and now Coolhaus operates 10 mobile ice cream trucks and two storefronts in Culver City and Pasadena in Southern California. Ice cream lovers can also pick up a pre-packaged ice cream sandwich, pint of ice cream, or hand-dipped ice cream bar at one of 4,000+ markets ranging from Whole Foods to Kroger and Safeway. Natasha and Freya run this ice cream empire, and that’s why Coolhaus proudly wears its Certified Women-Owned seal.

Real California Milk

Real California milk comes from grass-fed cows on family-run farms. It isn’t processed—it’s real. It goes straight from the dairy cow to a refrigerated holding tank, then to a refrigerated tanker that takes it to be processed for your local grocer. Using real California milk helps give our ice cream its creamy texture, and we’re proud to support local California farmers.