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Extreme Makeover: Coolhaus Scoop Shop Edition

In 2011, after two years of slinging ice cream out of pimped out postal vans, our founders, Natasha and Freya, set their sights on creating a flagship HAUS that would stand the test of time. Thus, our brick and mortar location was born in the heart of the Culver City Arts District. The original design was minimal with an architectural black center counter and a colorful back wall that was reminiscent of a sunset of over Coachella - a constant reminder of where we started. Coolhaus Scoop Shop (LA - before) Coolhaus Scoop Shop (LA - before) Over the years, the once minimal facade has given way to a colorful exterior wall that pulls from the colors of our pre-packaged pints in grocery; lifesize cutouts our friends Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhaas have graced the back wall; and our flavor selections (both cookies and ice cream) have gotten more and more unique. The shop has become a local after school hangout, a Saturday late night post-date treat and a place for YOU to express your creativity through your ice cream and cookie combos. But... we wanted you to be able to do more. We wanted you to feel like you were architecting your own unique flavor combos. So, we added a toppings bar - stocked with all the Sugarfina candy your heart could desire - and the ability for you to DIP your ice cream sammies in chocolate. So throw on your stretchy yoga pants and head over to the shop to create whatever your stomach desires! Bon Appetit! Coolhaus Scoop Shop (LA - after)