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How to inspire the next generation

Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case on GoldieBlox's Fast Forward Girls

We hope Coolhaus inspires the next generation of female founders, entrepreneurs, and creators to live out their dreams! Below are some of our tips and thoughts on how to show young women that they all can make a positive impact.

  • Lead by example. It’s hard for anyone to be what they cannot see.
  • Be honest about the journey. Be honest with yourself and others about failures and challenges. 
  • Answer questions when you can. It’s hard to take meetings for everyone about everything, but it means a lot if you allow people to send you even one question. 
  • Show up for your community. Be at events where you can connect with teenagers and young women. 
  • Open communication has a lot to do with transparency, but a lot more to do with your willingness to listen. 
  • Make time to hear people’s ideas. There’s no designated funnel through which someone should be able to express them. Trying to find one is stifling the nature with which good ideas strike.