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NEW! Queens' Coffee ice cream now at Whole Foods!

Now at Whole Foods Market: Coolhaus’ new Queens’ Coffee dairy pint is more than just a new twist on a classic flavor. It represents the total awesomeness of producing something that’s been touched by women at every level of its creation. It means so much to launch a coffee flavor that is the best of its kind during Women’s History Month.

It was a no-brainer that we had to use Allegro Coffee’s Three Queens Blend for our new Queens’ Coffee. Their touch gives our ice cream its aromatic, nuanced, and smooth taste. It’s a coffee flavor so pure and creamy, you just might start reaching for it first thing in the morning!

Beyond the flavor, Allegro Coffee is a great partner because of their work in supporting women farmers. The three East African coffee lots used in their Three Queens Blend are shining examples of how determined women producers can shift power dynamics and influence their communities in positive ways.

Coolhaus was built on our desire to address inequalities in the ice cream industry. Our unique flavors and sammies were created after our co-founders Natasha and Freya didn’t feel represented by the dessert brands they saw on grocery store shelves—not as millennials, not as women and definitely not as gay women. They believed someone needed to elevate the ice cream game with new flavors and unique twists to the classics. Women or not, Natasha and Freya knew the best way to do so was simply to start. As the leading ice cream brand for the millennial market, Coolhaus makes sure that every frozen dessert we create is made possible with the input of everyone alike. 

Coolhaus and Allegro Coffee are a match in heaven. Together we are improving gender equity in the workplace and ensuring that growth opportunities are not missed. 

Women really know how to make a buzz! Queens’ Coffee is the perfect flavor for anyone who wants to start or end the day feeling strong, able, and delighted.