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Pocky Pops Recipe

This Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, our Social Media Manager Lisa has been looking back fondly on the weekly H-Mart and Mitsuwa trips she'd take with her parents to stock up on Pocky 🙏

Make yourself some cute Pocky Pops with our classic Chocolate Molten Cake and Best of Both Worlds Vanilla! Our ice cream is made to have fun with your food and remix your favorite snacks 😛 The full recipe is below.

What You'll Need:
• 1 container magic shell
• 1 giant ice cube tray
• 1 pint of our Coolhaus ice cream! We recommend our Best of Both Worlds Vanilla or our Chocolate Molten Cake
• 1 package of Pocky


  1. Squirt Magic Shell into bottom of tray and swirl tray around.

2. Evenly distribute ice cream (Tip: This is much easier to do if the ice cream is melted!).

3. Squirt more Magic Shell on top!

4. Add 3 Pocky sticks to the middle of each cube.

5. Freeze the entire tray for at least an hour. When ready, pop each cube out of the tray and ENJOY!

BONUS: We dipped some of our pops in melted chocolate then decorated them with sprinkles. Just for an extra touch. :)