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You Won’t Believe It’s Dairy Free!

We have some exciting news: your first time doesn’t have to be bad.

Our new Dairy Free pints and sammies have arrived! While perfecting our product, it became important to focus less about guilt-free eating and more about never having to compromise with your desserts. When you indulge, you indulge. We’re pretty proud to come out of this with a dairy free line that is as creamy and dreamy as our original ice cream products.

Dairy lovers, do we have your attention now? As for our vegan and lactose-intolerant baes: this is your dream come true ;)

Our Dairy Free products are made with our very special, custom vegan base featuring brown rice and pea protein, which has the highest protein ratio of any major single-source plant protein (and is the cleanest, purest at that!). Together, the two create a composition that is rich with amino acids. Then consider the organic cocoa butter we add - rich which amino acids and healthy fats as well. This means the frozen dessert is rich with the building blocks of life that are important to the development of protein within the body. They become vital in generating healthy tissue in muscles, bones, skin, and hair. They’re also crucial in eliminating waste deposits related to metabolism.

So not only will you find this unique base in our mind-blowing pints, but also in our dairy-free sammies! We promise you the same sensual bite into these babies, all without the oozing mess of a sandwich that was constructed without taking the annoying cleanup into consideration. We thought about the cookie in the sandwich (soft but pliable, chewy and decadent) as much as the ice cream. Our sammies truly remain in a league of their own.

All of our ingredients – from the cocoa butter and cane sugar to the fresh mint leaves and organic, equal partner chocolate chunks and chips – are sustainably sourced and manufactured the same way as our dairy ice cream; feel the weight of that super creamy, luscious decadence! We’re serious; you won’t be able to tell the difference between our dairy free dessert and real ice cream.

We are passionate about food bringing a healthy, additive value to your life. It should nourish, sustain, and energize. Currently, there’s an incredible movement happening around intuitive eating. It is common for women to internalize the importance of food restriction; it’s something that’s been ingrained in us as young as age 5. The Atlantic recently published an important piece on how “intuitive eating” is encouraging us to “reset” our relationships with food. Dieting is a loaded word in our society, and the restrictive characteristics around it often set people up to fail in their relationships with mealtimes.

When our body craves, we should allow it to indulge in what it wants. We want to do our part in making ice cream and desserts a positive, awesome way of doing so. When our ice cream truck arrives or when you’re choosing through all our catering options for your next ice cream social or event, you will always find a ways to get that cream, texture, and nourishing value.

Coolhaus’ Dairy Free line is here. Let’s keep on having fun about “me-time.” Let us know what you think!