Holiday Jar Recipe

Holiday Jar

  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and, if you’re anything like us, you probably a. completely forgot and are panic-ordering bae things from Amazon or b. are…

Pizookie Recipe from Coolhaus

Pizookie Recipe

We’ve all been there. You’ve invited the whole squad over to watch the big game or the pre-event red carpet, the latest episode of This is Us…

Buttered French Toast

Buttered French Toast

  Ingredients: 4 Eggs 1 pint Buttered French Toast ice cream, melted 8 oz Bread/Croissants/Waffles (or any other bread-like thing you enjoy) 1 jar Dulce de Leche…

Bad and Boozy Milkshake by Coolhaus

Bad and Boozy Milkshake Recipe

We’re keeping cool(haus) this summer with boozy milkshakes because why not? This beauty is basically a milkshake mint julep and we are OBSESSED. Make it yourself with…

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